Happy New Year to everyone, and we hope you have had a lovely break over the holiday season. We certainly did and are looking forward to a big year with lots to do!

Welcome To Jake And Abhi

First off, we'd like to do some quick housekeeping. 2021 was a big year for Dandelions, and we have some good news to start the year!

We'd like to welcome Jake Sheath and Abhishek Shrestha to the team! Welcome guys, we are super excited to have you on board.

Both our new hires are engineers, and they both had clearly checked out this article on how to prepare for an engineering interview, because they both aced it!

Welcome again, and we are very happy to have you guys join the team, filling critical gaps as we move forward.

We'll also be doing short profiles on them, so you can hear more about the roles they are taking up in Team Dandelions.

What's On In 2022 - Dandelions-1

2022 is likely to be a big year. Two major highlights need to be talked about... sorta.

As we mentioned in this article, detailing Dandelions-1 our first space mission, we have been confirmed a berth by the brilliant folks at SMC to get our first payload into space.

Our payload, which is an experimental mechanism built to test a new composite for spaceworthiness, is going to be our first space mission.


Its also why we used an image of a satellite for this post 😃 😃

So this is the first big deliverable of 2022, and we are very excited and grateful for the opportunity.

What's On In 2022 - shhh!

Okay, so we also have some more very big news. We won something, but we can't tell you what it is yet!

The PR people will get upset. What to do 🤷‍♂️

So while we are waiting for permission to go blab, ideally in line with all the other announcements it will generate, we can't really tell you much about it.

Here is what we can tell you. It is based on our core Gyrochute technology, and we have got a very big stakeholder in our corner. So we are super excited about that too.

We hope to be able to make a bigger announcement soon, but for the moment, you'll just have to read this article, about the new version of our Gyrochute, somewhat unimaginatively called the mini-chute which will be playing a starring role in this new project.

Maybe we should come up with another name? What would you call it? Let us know, and maybe we'll call it that and send out some merch to you too!

It's Going To Be A Big One

We are very excited about what 2022 holds in store. Sure, there are concerns, from the lingering impact of Covid here in Sydney, and the impact this has on supply chains, but we have worked really hard to set it up so that this has a limited impact on our timeline.

We are also really happy you are here to support us on our adventure, thank you very much!