Dandelions is a young IOT startup. We are super grateful to the below organisations.

  • NSW Smart Sensing Network

  • Autodesk

  • Saber Astronautics

  • LEAP Australia

  • Ansys

About Us

Our solutions are designed to meet a singular business challenge - to get you a scaleable autonomous network yesterday! Learn more about the people who make it happen!

Solutions to Emergency Services, Space Logistics and On-Demand IOT

Your company needs a sensor grid, but how do you make this happen. Simple - focus on the exact individual sensor package your clients care about. The rest - IT, power and communications - let Dandelions handle it. We offer standard packages, (a) fixed, (b) vehicle, or (c) air deployable, with room for your sensor package; and everything else just works. Our engineers are focused on making this happen, working with clients across Space Logistics, Emergency Services, and more generally in On-Demand IOT.

Dandelions works with clients in Space Logistics, Emergency Services and On-Demand IOT

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