IOT Saas App

Dandelions value proposition is pretty simple. How do you get communications out in remote regions?

From a hardware perspective, this includes (a) a power source, (b) a communications link, and (c) getting the device to where it needs to be. From a software perspective, whatever happens on the device needs to be sent back to the cloud, and can then make it to the users device.

These are several moving pieces that you have to manage! Can we make it simpler?

Our approach is to break this problem up, and this is where the Dandelions Saas App comes into play.


Are you keen on building your own devices? The core of any device is a sensor, a small computer, and the power and communications back link. Using our libraries, simply send the sensor data back to the Dandelions Saas app and access your sensor anywhere in real time.

STEM Teachers

We work with a number of STEM educators who want to teach their students how to use simple electronics to achieve their real world goals. Are you looking to put a set of environmental sensors on a property as a class project? Reach out today to see how we can help you.

Custom Devices

Already run a network of IOT devices, but need to add a custom sensor to the grid? But how will you access this? The Dandelions App can be used as a staging proxy for your custom sensor's data, which can then be distributed as required to other local and remote devices.

Reach out and talk to us about how we can help.

Scientific Computing

Integrate complex networks of sensors to run high precision experiments. The data is stored in best in class IOT specific databases backed by Graphana visualisation tools. Accelerate your testing life cycle today!


The Dandelions IOT App Solution offers clients the ability to bring their own custom sensors and seamlessly integrate this into a multi device multi user ecosystem.

Dandelions solutions can be used with confidence on a number of custom IOT solutions. From providing a consulting service to get your grid up and running, to advising on the correct hardware, Dandelions is your trusted partner in custom IOT grids.