Air Deployed IOT Solutions

Air deployed IOT solutions are provided by Dandelions novel patent pending delivery platform: the Gyrochute (prototype shown below). Safely delivering payloads, specifically communication solutions to the ground via autorotation like a spinning propeller. It allows for rapid deployment via plane, helicopter or drone for inaccessible areas. The key advantage is voice, video, data and sensors (VVDS) available anywhere and anytime.

Dandelions’ proprietary technology is built to function without access to energy or transport infrastructure in the area of deployment. With smart power management and solar power, the Gyrochute will operate without human supervision: meaning no work for the user. For remote analog communications, a UHF radio repeater payload is the common solution. On the other hand the digital communications solutions are WiFi or 5G access points with satellite backhaul.

The Gyrochute prioritises simplification of the logistics chain for storage, transport and deployment. Its solid form compared to a parachute enables long term storage, low maintenance, simple deployment strategies and a long life in the field. It is designed for durability in difficult environments and weather conditions.

Providing an open platform is our goal: compatible with a variety of existing analog and digital communication solutions. User devices can plug and play with certain permission layers, minimising time to access.

Emergency Services

Road and communication infrastructure can be significantly affected during and after disasters, halting relief efforts, and communication restoration. In Australia, the average time for restoration of fault-affected services is 83 hours, and up to 125 hours according to the 2017-2018 ACMA Communications Report. In reality, the time is increased considerably during disasters. Telecommunications providers currently use Cells on Wheels (CoWs) to mitigate the effects of communication blackout, but they are deployed potentially days after a disaster has struck.

Without information required to manage hazards and threats, the consequences can be fatal. Therefore, first responders and the affected civilians require rapid response to disasters and emergency incidents, provided by the Gyrochute. This technology improves situational awareness with digital communication solutions and enables new data-driven IoT capabilities such as fire detection, and health and environmental monitoring. Furthermore, the Gyrochute can deliver vital medical supplies or UHF radio infrastructure extending the current communication framework.

The Gyrochute aids first responders without requiring supervision or drawing their attention away from the imminent hazards and threats of an emergency. By working with agencies, and ensuring that the communication package suits the devices used in the field, the logistics required to supplement or improve communications for emergency services is significantly reduced.

Remote Areas

The internet is an exceptionally powerful tool, vital to community development and job creation efforts. Remote communities are underserved in this regard with limited access to communications. With the advent of satellite internet, communities living away from urban areas now have access to the information highway.

For remote areas that cannot be easily accessed by ground vehicle, the best option for communications is air dropping a communications package with the Gyrochute. Whether you require wide coverage, a WiFi hotspot or an IoT network, Dandelions has the solution.


The Gyrochute as a delivery platform is designed to simplify the logistics of air deployed IoT solutions, which are required for emergency management and remote areas. Ultimately, we provide a unified platform for communication, collaboration, and monitoring across communities, agencies, and IoT networks.